Georgia Chapter A&WMA Awards

Each year, the Georgia Chapter has the opportunity to recognize individual members whom have made significant contributions to the local section or environmental management field.  

The annual awards are intended to provide recognition for our members who share our commitment to environmental principles, and put these principles into action. 

The process of determining winners includes receipt of nominations, a review conducted by selected members of the Awards Committee, followed by careful review and discussion by the entire Awards Committee.  

2013 Georgia AWMA Awards


Mr. Thomas Wideman, Outstanding Achievement - During the 2013 calendar year Mr. Wideman provided invaluable service as Education/Scholarship Chair and support for the Fall Conference.  His efforts made a very tangible and valued contribution to the local section!

For any questions concerning the Awards Program, please contact:

Chris Hurst
Secretary, Georgia Chapter A&WMA

E-mail: [email protected]


Past Corporate Winners: